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Winners of the 2023 Nordic Data, Analytics and AI Readiness Awards

An award presented by the Nordic community to nominated individuals and organisations for their exceptional work done to innovate through data, drive data and AI transformation forwards, foster talent, promote diversity and inclusion, selflessly share their knowledge with others and inspire young generations and other practitioners to follow the same path.

Individual Category Winners

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This award will go to a practitioner who has shown initiative, innovation and leadership in implementation and oversight of the Company’s data management goals, standards, practices, processes, and technologies.

Garima Singh
Chief Architect, Head of Enterprise Architecture |  Sandvik Group

Garima is a tech savvy, who is extremely enthusiastic about data, AI and IoT. She started her career as a software programmer, and later grew into technical leader, leading big size transformation in automotive and manufacturing industries. She has worked on strategic initiatives creating data driven services and brought new revenue streams to form, but also on transforming organization culture and building a solid technical foundation to make “data as product”. Co-author of ISO standards, A well known international public speaker and an award winner on Swedish national level.

She has done tremendous efforts in building and implementing a solid enterprise level data management framework, right from data capture to master data management to data quality to data usage. This has helped big size companies to improve data lifecycle management and data quality to get good results out of data (for ex: improving core data domains, to build high quality analytics and digital services). She has run this in decentralized set up, purely on influence, and value creation to attract ground forces to use her framework by choice. She is big advocate for decentralized data as a product model, with central platform, data catalogue and governance, which has helped companies to operate efficiently with data analytics and AI, without being blocked by source system owners or analytics organizations. She also contributes in international forums (IASA, WIA) with her bright ideas and does keynote speaking.

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The award will be given to a practitioner who has shown initiative, innovation and leadership in organizing a high performing analytics function and with that managed to translate raw data into valuable business insights and action.

Linda Rothan-Coderberg
Head of Operations Data &  | Analytics Electrolux

Linda has been working with large-scale IT-transformation projects, analytics and BI solutions in international manufacturing companies for the past 17 years in France and Sweden. She has experience from chemical, automotive, and the latest white goods industry, always with the aim of balancing the needs of people, process and tools to achieve efficient decision making and operational excellence enabled by data. She is currently leading the work around Data & Analytics for Electrolux Global Operations, creating visibility of the end-to-end physical flows in one of the world’s leading appliances companies and moving towards a domain centered data mesh structure.

It is with great pride and admiration that we recognize Linda as the ‘Analytics Professional of the Year.’ With 17 years in IT and BI solutions across manufacturing industries, she has excelled at Electrolux Global Operations, transforming data into valuable business insights and pioneering a domain-centered data mesh structure. Her collaborative approach has built numerous analytics value cases, enhancing operational efficiency. Linda’s dedication to diversity and mentorship has formed a high-performing Data & Analytics team, showcasing her leadership and commitment to nurturing talent and promoting gender balance and diversity in tech.

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This award will go to a practitioner who has shown initiative, innovation and leadership in implementation and oversight of the Company’s data management goals, standards, practices, processes, and technologies.

Garima Singh
Lead Data Scientist | Grundfos

Lotte is a dedicated Lead Data Scientist at Grundfos, bringing more than 11 years of expertise in Data science, Data engineering, and bringing AI solutions to the table. Within Grundfos, her primary role revolves around crafting innovative AI solutions tailored for IoT data. She draws from her experience as a former Postdoctoral Associate at Yale University, with research affiliations to CERN.

It is with great pride and admiration that we recognize Lotte as the ‘Data Science Professional of the Year.’ With over 11 years of expertise at Grundfos, her work in data science and engineering, especially in AI and IoT, stands out. Her academic background at Yale and CERN has fueled her innovative solutions in sensor data analysis for pumps. Lotte’s approach, blending data science with engineering, has led to breakthroughs and significant contributions to the Nordic DAIR community. Her dedication to solving complex problems showcases her leadership in the ever-evolving field of data science.

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Machine Learning Professional of the Year This award will go to a practitioner who has shown outstanding leadership/expertise in the field of machine learning by designing & developing new machine learning and deep learning algorithms, systems, and Artificial Intelligence based solutions (including devices), resulting in proven value and impact to the business and organisation.

Fredrik Olsson
Head of Data Science & Product Strategist | Gavagai

Fredrik is currently responsible for data science and product strategy at Gavagai, a company providing B2B text analysis services in the Customer Experience domain: “Discover what you did not know you needed to know”. He has spent the past 25 years working with NLP and Machine Learning in various capacities: at SICS, RISE and FOI as a research scientist; as a contracted expert with the European Commission; as an advisor for Hypertype; as a mentor in the WiDS Sweden Mentorship program; and at Recorded Future and Gavagai working with software engineering and data science. winner on Swedish national level.

It is with great pride and admiration that we recognize Fredrik as the ‘Machine Learning Professional of the Year.’ With a 25-year career in NLP and machine learning, Fredrik’s role at Gavagai in steering data science and product strategy has been pivotal. His work in advancing text analysis services, especially in the Customer Experience domain, demonstrates his deep expertise. Fredrik’s diverse roles, including his work with the European Commission and mentoring in the WiDS Sweden program, showcase his significant contributions to the field, driving innovation and impact in AI and data science.

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The award will be given to a practitioner who has shown initiative, innovation and leadership in organizing a high performing AI function with multiple Artificial Intelligence systems or ML models in production and with that managed to transform and improve business impact and output.

Peter Vester
Lead Data Scientist | Novo Nordisk

Peter is a Lead Data Scientist at Novo Nordisk with a PhD and several publications in peer-reviewed top journals. He specializes in starting and leading strategic data science projects in different fields, such as research, clinical trials, marketing, finance, and supply chain. He advocates for using the cloud and infrastructure-as-code to ensure easy modification and reuse of infrastructure for different business needs which have enabled the team to implement a variety of successful AI applications in production. The last year he has been heavily involved in setting a strategy in Novo Nordisk for Generative AI, including the internal and more compliant Novo Nordisk ChatGPT used by over 10,000 employees, and many other projects to prove the business value of the new technology.

It is with great admiration that we honor Peter as the ‘Artificial Intelligence Professional of the Year.’ A Lead Data Scientist at Novo Nordisk, Peter’s pioneering work in Generative AI, including the internal ChatGPT for over 10,000 employees, showcases his remarkable influence in AI. His strategic initiatives across diverse fields like clinical trials and finance, coupled with his advocacy for cloud technology, have transformed AI applications in business. Peter’s significant contributions to the data science community, his mentorship, and involvement in setting AI strategies, reflect his exceptional leadership and expertise in the evolving world of artificial intelligence.

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This award will go to a data engineer who has shown a material and value impact on his/hers constituents through managing and organizing data & data pipelines, while also keeping an eye out for trends or inconsistencies that will impact business goals.

Micha Ben Achim Kunze
Lead Data Engineer |  Maersk

Micha is a passionate engineer and scientist, obsessed with automating himself out of his job. He is laser focused on delivering value with data and machine learning. Developer productivity is a central concern for him, and he is constantly learning and improving his ways of working with data. Today he is the Lead Data Engineer of the Cargo Flow Automation team at Maersk, responsible for delivering data for operations of transportation of goods worldwide as well as feeding ML models to optimize the delivery of all of these goods.

Celebrating Micha Ben Achim Kunze as ‘Data Engineering Professional of the Year.’ Leading Maersk’s Cargo Flow Automation, Micha has transformed global transportation operations with innovative data engineering. His approach accelerates data and ML product development, enhancing productivity and quality. Micha’s expertise in functional data engineering, data quality checks, and platform evolution exemplifies his impact on Maersk’s operations. His commitment to creating value from data and sharing knowledge with the community showcases his leadership in data engineering.

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The award will be given to a practitioner who has shown initiative, innovation and leadership in creating and establishing a Data/AI transformation and change management strategy/process leading to significant improvement in organisation operational performance, customer experience and business model.

Søren Christian Søndergaard Poulsen
Tech Director | ATP

Søren is a dedicated and passionate AI evangelist, sought-after keynote speaker, and a true innovator in the realms of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. Boasting over 18 years of extensive experience in the technology and innovation sector, Søren has emerged as a prominent figure and leading voice in advocating for transformative business practices through Data & AI. Throughout his career, Søren has played a role in helping a myriad of organizations, ranging from large corporations to SMEs and institutions across Denmark, fully leverage the power of data & AI. His work has consistently driven positive change, setting new standards for efficiency and innovation in various industries.

Recognizing Søren as the ‘Data and AI Transformation Professional of the Year.’ With 18 years in the technology sector, Søren stands out as a visionary in transforming businesses through Data & AI. His innovative leadership has significantly improved operational performance and customer experience across various industries in Denmark. Søren’s transformative approach and methods have set new standards in efficiency and innovation, making a marked impact on large corporations and SMEs alike. His dedication to advocating and implementing cutting-edge data and AI strategies showcases his role as a key influencer and thought leader in the field.

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The award will be given to a practitioner that researches and facilitates better understanding of ethics and data protection in AI, and fosters regional efforts in this field.

Meeri Haataja
CEO & Founder | Saidot

Meeri is the CEO and Founder of Saidot. Saidot is an AI governance company helping enterprises build safe AI-driven businesses. Saidot’s AI governance SaaS platform is used by major public and private organisations to apply systematic AI governance and to communicate transparently about their AI for trust and compliance. Meeri has been a member of Snap Inc.’s Safety Advisory Board since June 2023. Meeri is an active advocate of responsible and human-centric AI. She’s an experienced public speaker, regularly speaking at international conferences and publishing writings on AI ethics, governance and policy.

We celebrate Meeri as the ‘AI Ethics Professional of the Year,’ CEO and Founder of Saidot. Her leadership at Saidot, an AI governance company, has been instrumental in guiding enterprises towards building safe, AI-driven businesses. The company’s SaaS platform is extensively used by major public and private organizations for applying systematic AI governance and ensuring transparency. A member of Snap Inc.’s Safety Advisory Board since June 2023, Meeri is a staunch advocate for responsible and human-centric AI. Her role as a seasoned public speaker, combined with her influential writings on AI ethics, governance, and policy, solidifies her status as a leading voice in the field of AI ethics and data protection.

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The award will go to a practitioner that has shown exceptional efforts through different means and channels to promote the benefits, the challenges and the opportunities with Data and AI Innovation and with that impact the business and society.

Kasper Junge
Machine Learning Engineer |

Kasper Junge, a Machine Learning Engineer and the Chairperson of the Danish Data Science Community, specializes in language modelling, generative AI, and prompt engineering. Formerly a Data Scientist at Ekstra Bladet, he now contributes his expertise to, a Danish generative AI tech startup. Kasper is a vibrant tech communicator, hosting the Verbos Podcast, sharing insights on his YouTube channel, and making guest appearances on numerous podcasts. His adeptness at elucidating complex concepts has positioned him as a sought-after speaker and a distinguished figure in Denmark’s AI and data science arena.

We celebrate Kasper Junge as the ‘Data and AI Influencer of the Year.’ As a Machine Learning Engineer and the Chairperson of the Danish Data Science Community, Kasper excels in language modelling, generative AI, and prompt engineering. His impactful role at demonstrates his deep expertise in generative AI. Kasper’s exceptional communication skills shine through his hosting of the Verbos Podcast, insightful YouTube channel, and guest appearances on various podcasts. Renowned for his ability to simplify complex AI and data science concepts, Kasper is a highly sought-after speaker and a prominent figure in Denmark’s tech community, influencing both the business and societal understanding of Data and AI innovation.

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A practitioner who has made a substantial contribution to the Data, Analytics and AI research and maturity development across the Nordic region, demonstrated outstanding mentorship and example to others, and provided noteworthy service to the community.

Daniel Gillblad

Daniel Gillblad is co-Director of Scientific Vision for AI Sweden and Director of the Chalmers AI Research Center (CHAIR). He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology, has led development efforts and worked on strategy development for Swedish companies, has been part of setting up several AI startups, and served as an appointed member of the Swedish Government collaboration program on digitalisation and as an appointed expert in the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI). His research interests are focused around Machine Learning, large-scale Data Mining and their practical applications.

Honoring Daniel Gillblad with the ‘Lifetime Achievement in AI’ award for his remarkable contributions to the Nordic AI landscape. As co-director of AI Sweden and Director of CHAIR, Daniel has been instrumental in shaping AI research and development in the region. His impressive academic journey, coupled with 22 years at RISE, showcases his commitment to advancing AI. Daniel’s role in founding startups, his insight on TV and news, and his leadership in academia and business solidify his status as an AI pioneer. His deep involvement in Machine Learning, Data Mining, and their applications reflects his unparalleled dedication to mentoring and uplifting the AI community.

Organisation Category Winners

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The award will go to an organization that has shown a great example of moving their business to the next level and disrupting their industry by identifying new technologies, using AI, automation and machine learning, applying new skills, and operationalizing processes.

The Danish news outlet Ekstra Bladet had embarked on its AI-powered journey years earlier through the Platform Intelligence in News (PIN) project. A three-year research initiative culminating in 2023, PIN aimed to address key challenges in the news experience, such as timely content discovery, in-depth exploration, and external context seeking. The project strategically focused on three AI domains—recommender systems, natural language processing (NLP) for Danish, and natural language generation (NLG). The organization established a robust in-house data science team and collaborated with universities for applied research.

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The award will go to an organisation that has demonstrated a significant change and advance in its ability to effectively and efficiently manage data at scale for business advantage and use of advanced analytics and AI.

Skatteverket has crafted a forward-thinking strategy emphasizing collaboration and support for other entities lacking similar AI capabilities. Their commitment to fostering AI development in the broader public sector is evident through contributions to and a dedication to providing an AI-driven infrastructure. Skatteverket emphasizes the crucial integration of security and ethical considerations from the inception of AI initiatives, particularly as they scale, reflecting a commitment to sustainable and responsible AI practices. For the Swedish public sector to be able to use AI it is a must that the big and best agencies are leading and also supporting. Skatteverket contributes to and are keen to provide an AI-driven infrastructure to the public sector, which is really progressive.

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The award will go to an organisation that have managed to develop and deploy enterprise wide data literacy strategy and educational program across all levels in the organisation, as well as equipping the employees with access to the right data,, and democratized tools aiding efforts to gain insights from data, activate the right data, and everything in between.

This unique set of targeted trainings has enabled Elisa business stakeholders and data & AI developers to collaborate more effectively and they have generated +10 innovative new use cases for data & AI utilization at Elisa. The training programs supported the Elisa data-driven transformation goals effectively, providing hands-on experience and capability to boost data & AI utilization further at Elisa.

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The award will go to an organisation that has deployed use cases for enterprise-scale machine learning and has industrialized AI to automate, secure, and optimize data-driven decision making and/or applications.

Mesta is on the forefront of innovation, envisioning a future where businesses can effortlessly harness the power of generative AI through their smart and amiable chatbot. Fueled by Azure Open AI, this cloud-based platform integrates the cutting-edge GPT-4 model and RAG architecture, revolutionizing natural language processing to provide users with an unparalleled conversational experience. Mesta’s chatbot taps into a vast knowledge base, meticulously curated and continually updated by the business users themselves, ensuring accuracy and relevance. The chatbot’s capabilities range from knowledge mining and content summarization to offering training materials, facilitating discovery, and acting as an effective AI assistant.

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This award will go to an organisation that can demonstrate a truly industry-leading and ROI-driven case study that brings something new to its users, has enhanced customer experience, improved operational efficiency or changed business models by developing and deploying AI/ML products.

Novo Nordisk has developed a compliant version of ChatGPT under the Microsoft agreement, ensuring data privacy and non-use for foundational model training. Novo Nordisk became one of the pioneers, successfully implementing this compliant version for all employees, expanding its capabilities into a Generative AI platform. This platform, now with over 10,000 unique monthly users, boasts diverse functionalities, including text and table-based queries, personalized training programs, generative image creation, meeting summarization, and a comprehensive Generative AI playground showcasing various techniques and applications.

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The award will go to an organization that has creatively used Generative AI to improve their operations or products. By embracing Generative AI, the winning organization will show how this technology has helped in creating new solutions, enhancing customer experiences, or making processes more efficient, taking their business to new heights and setting a fresh trend in their industry.

Novo Nordisk took a proactive approach after the OpenAI announcement, conducting a thorough investigation and swiftly developing a compliant version of ChatGPT under the Microsoft agreement. This ensured data integrity and user privacy, allowing Novo Nordisk to implement the system for all employees, making them likely the first company to do so. The platform’s capabilities expanded significantly, evolving into a Generative AI platform with diverse functionalities, including document and table-based queries, personalized training programs, generative image creation, meeting summarization, and a versatile Generative AI playground.

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This award will go to the startup (a company founded within the last five years) that is either developing an AI/ ML solution to sell, or which relies on AI/ML technology for the services or solutions it sells. Explanations of the role AI plays in the organisation and the impact this has on its customers is required.

Stylee Intelligence helps retailers multiply their conversion rates by giving the customer personal recommendations – without having to interact with the website, identify herself or be a returning visitor. Stylee is the only solution not needing any personal data nor product data which makes the solution an excellent fit for circular online retailers missing all product information needed for traditional recommendation engines.