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Unveil excellence in Data, Analytics and AI achievements across the Nordics – a celebration you won't want to miss!

With the third annual Nordic DAIR Awards we acknowledge and celebrate exceptional individuals, teams and organisations

Fostering talent

Driving Data and AI Innovation forward

Making an outstanding innovation, progress and impact with their efforts and projects

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Selflessly sharing their knowledge with others

Inspiring young generations and other practitioners to follow the same path



This award will go to a practitioner who has shown initiative, innovation and leadership in implementation and oversight of the Company’s data management goals, standards, practices, processes, and technologies.

The award will be given to a practitioner who has shown initiative, innovation and leadership in organizing a high performing analytics function and with that managed to translate raw data into valuable business insights and action.

This award will go to a practitioner who has shown leadership/expertise in the field of data science through interpreting and managing data and solving complex problems using expertise in a variety of data niches such as science, modeling, statistics,analytics, and math – coupled with a strong business sense.

This award will go to a practitioner who has shown outstanding leadership/expertise in the field of machine learning by designing & developing new machine learning and deep learning algorithms, systems, and Artificial Intelligence based solutions (including devices), resulting in proven value and impact to the business and organisation.

The award will be given to a practitioner who has shown initiative, innovation and leadership in organizing a high performing AI function with multiple Artificial Intelligence systems or ML models in production and with that managed to transform and improve business impact and output.

This award will go to a data engineer who has shown a material and value impact on his/hers constituents through managing and organizing data & data pipelines, while also keeping an eye out for trends or inconsistencies that will impact business goals.

The award will be given to a practitioner who has shown initiative, innovation and leadership in creating and establishing a Data/AI transformation and change management strategy/process leading to significant improvement in organisation operational performance, customer experience and business model.

The award will be given to a practitioner that researches and facilitates better understanding of ethics and data protection in AI, and fosters regional efforts in this field.

The award will go to a practitioner that has shown exceptional efforts through different means and channels to promote the benefits, the challenges and the opportunities with Data and AI Innovation and with that impact the business and society.

A practitioner who has made a substantial contribution to the Data, Analytics and AI research and maturity development across the Nordic region, demonstrated outstanding mentorship and example to others, and provided noteworthy service to the community.


The award will go to an organization that has shown a great example of  moving their business to the next level and disrupting their industry by identifying new technologies, using AI, automation and machine learning, applying new skills, and operationalizing processes.

The award will go to an organisation that has demonstrated a significant change and advance in its ability to effectively and efficiently manage data at scale for business advantage and use of advanced analytics and AI.

The award will go to an organisation that have managed to develop and deploy enterprise wide data literacy strategy and educational program across all levels in the organisation, as well as  equipping the employees with access to the right data,, and democratized tools aiding efforts to gain insights from data, activate the right data, and everything in between.

The award will go to an organisation that has deployed use cases  for enterprise-scale machine learning and has industrialized AI to automate, secure, and optimize data-driven decision making and/or applications.

This award will go to an organisation that can demonstrate a truly industry-leading and ROI-driven case study that brings something new to its users, has enhanced customer experience, improved operational efficiency or changed business models by developing and deploying AI/ML products.

The award will go to an organization that has creatively used Generative AI to improve their operations or products. By embracing Generative AI, the winning organization will show how this technology has helped in creating new solutions, enhancing customer experiences, or making processes more efficient, taking their business to new heights and setting a fresh trend in their industry.

This award will go to the startup (a company founded within the last five years) that is either developing an AI/ ML solution to sell, or which relies on AI/ML technology for the services or solutions it sells. Explanations of the role AI plays in the organisation and the impact this has on its customers is required.

2023 DAIR Awards Winners


Patrick Eckemo

Chief Digitization and Innovation Officer, Bolagsverket

Anna Felländer

Founder & CEO, anch.AI

Nina Walberg

Head of Data & Insight, Oda

Robert Børlum-Bach

Head of Analytics Architecture, TV2

Henrik Göthberg

Founder, Dairdux

Tonia Sideri

Head of AI and Analytics CoE, Novo Nordisk

Lars Gudbrandsson

CEO, IIH Nordic

Robert Valton

Head of Data, Analytics & AI - Volvo Group Connected Solutions, Volvo Group

Frances D’Silva

Advisor, Data Productivity, Nexi Group

Kim Øystein Naess

Strategic Architect Nordics, Mulesoft, Salesforce

Goran Vuksic

CTO / Co-founder, SyntheticAIData

Iiris Lahti

Founding Partner, AI Roots Oy

Kristiina Tiilas

Head of Digital Platforms, Outokumpu

Linda Borelius

SVP, Data Sweden, Solita

Søren Christian Søndergaard Poulsen

Senior Director - Head of Natural Language Processing, ATP

Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen

CEO, DAIN Studios

Mikko Muurinen

Head of Data & AI, Helen

Peter Helth

Program Manager, Falck

Kye Andersson

Chief Product Officer & Co-founder, Canucci

Niko Vuokko

CTO, Silo AI

Risto Karinkanta

Chief Analyst, Nordea

Proud Partners of the 2023 Nordic DAIR Awards and Community

Pictures from DAIR Awards 2023