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Apply to the Nordic Data and AI Readiness Awards 2023

Application is closed

    Your privacy is crucial to us at Hyperight AB. While most of our sites can be explored anonymously, sometimes we need data to provide requested services.

    We process your data in accordance with data protection laws, including GDPR. Here's how we use your information:

    • Hyperight Nordic DAIR AWARDS Nomination: Your data is used to evaluate and manage your awards nomination.

    • Communication: We use your information to connect with you about event-related details.

    • Promotion: If shortlisted, your name, title, company, picture, and bio may be used for marketing purposes.

    • Awards Ceremony Participation: For participants, we'll utilize your data for event preparation, instructions, and promotion.

    • Future Speaker Engagement: Your details might be considered for future events.

    For detailed insights, refer to our complete Privacy Policy at Your provided information may be retained on the event webpage for up to 18 months.

    At Hyperight AB, we're committed to respecting your privacy and handling your data responsibly.